Tips and Tricks for Learning Arabic

We Know , Arabic is one of International Language, It used in Middle East and Famous as Islamic Language. Because Muslim's holy book ( Alquran) written in this language . but, the problem when u want to start Learning in Arabic is how to find a suitable book for learning Arabic, what is best site to learn it language or  tutorial for learning In Arabic with Video  .
Actually , there is 2 book that I recommended to you about learning Arabic :

1. Arabiyah Bayna Yadaik 

Arabiyah Bayna Yadaik Books

This book was using more than 70 universities in this world , written by 3 Doctor from King Abdul Aziz University , This book contained thousands supported Pictures , Audio Book and Powerpoint slide show and Tutorial Video. This book published with 3 (book 1, book 2 and book 3 ) level and 2 types (student books and teacher book) If you want to download this book you can click these link below:

2. Madinah Arabic Books 
Madinah Arabic Course

These Books also more Powerful with audio and video system, consisted more than twenty books , and Madinah Arabic books is popular books in Madinah University, KSA. you can download from this link:

You Also can visit Useful Sites such as : or to know arabic more. In fact, there is alot of Arabic Course From internet , and it's free . You can use your skype to learn arabic more , this is example of Arabic Free Course from Skype: 

Arabic Lesson Level 1 Only for Brothers
Teacher : Sheikh Ebraheem Skype ID :  
Book : " 
Al-Arabiyatu Bayna Yadayk  1 العربــية بـيـن يد يــك" Book1
Time - Every Saturday @ 5 pm ( Saudia Timing ) 
[2pm GMT] إن شاء الله
For Very Beginners Sisters :
Book : " 
Gateway to Arabic 1"  and " تعليم اللغة العربية للناطقين بغيرها - الكتاب الأساسي
Teacher : Sister Khairah ~ Skype ID : 
Time : Every Sunday @ 2 pm to 3:30 pm (Saudi Timing)
 [11am to 12:30pm GMT] إن شاء الله
Please attend the lesson on time 
For Beginners Sisters:
Book : " 
Al-Arabiyatu Bayna Yadayk  1 العربــية بـيـن يد يــك"
Teacher : Sheikh Ibraheem ~ Skype ID : 
Time - Every Sunday @ 5pm to 7 pm (Saudi Timing) 
[2pm to 4 pm GMT]  إن شاء الله
Please attend the lesson on time .
Intermediate Arabic Lesson for Sisters :
Book : "
Madina Arabic Book 2"
Teacher : Sheikh Ibraheem ~ Skype ID : 
Time ~ Every Tuesday and Friday @ 5 pm to 6 pm ( Saudi Timing )
 [2pm to 3 pm GMT]  إن شاء الله
Please attend the lesson on time .


  1. Learning Arabic through book is also good but For Arabic language, I am specially taking online Skype Classes through Preply and I have found an excellent Native Arabic Tutor on Preply. Actually in learning Arabic, when you speak with the Native Arabic Tutor, you also got the Arabic accent and dialect that is good during learning.I am very satisfied with Preply teaching style to learn Arabic on Skype.

  2. Hi.. I've learned arabic online with native speakers using skype. It was very useful because I could do it in any time. I used this platform to find tutors Now I'm looking for more opportunities to imrove my language speaking skills.