Homophone dan Homograph dalam Bahasa Inggris

Homophones – words that sound the same

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Dalam tata bahasa Inggris ada istilah yang disebut dengan homophone , yatu kata-kata yang memiliki pengucapan suara yang sama namun memiliki pengertian dan pengejaan yang berbeda . Contoh: spelling. For example:

My son is a doctor
The sun is really hot today.

Homophone yang ada pada article ini adalah kata-kata umum yang dikelompokkan pada aksen dan ejaan yang berbeda . Kata-kata yang di tandai UK adalah grub kata yang mirip dengan aksen British English , dan kata-kata yang diketik tebal (e.g. grate – great) adalah kata-kata yang sering diucapkan secara salah bagi para pelajar Bahasa Inggris .

bean – been
be – bee
feat – feet
flea – flee
heel – he’ll – heal
leak – leek
meat – meet
peace – piece
peak – peek
peal – peel
reed – read
sea – see
seam – seem
seen – scene
steal – steel
suite – sweet
weak – week
weave – we’ve
UK ɔ_ US ɔ_r
board – bored
caught – court UK
coarse – course
hoarse – horse
sauce – source UK
saw – soar UK
sort – sought UK
warn – worn

bale – bail
brake – break
grate – great
male – mail
pain – pane
pair – pear
pray – prey
rain – reign – rein
sale – sail
slay – sleigh
stake – steak
Sunday – sundae
tale – tail
wail – whale
wait – weight
waste – waist
way – weigh
altar – alter
currant – current
gorilla – guerrilla
idol – idle
manner – manor
miner – minor
aisle – I’ll – isle
aye – eye – I
buy – by – bye
dye – die
hi – high
hire – higher
rye – wry
sight – site
right – write
tyre – tire
UK ear US er
air – heir
fair – fare
bare – bear
pair – pear
stair – stare
there – they’re – their
ware – wear – where

UK aυUSoυ
groan – grown
hole – whole
know – no
loan – lone
road – rode – rowed
role – roll
row – roe
sew – so
sole – soul
blew – blue
flew – flu – flue
threw – through
to – too – two

Homographs: words that are spelled the same

Homographs adalah kata-kata Bahasa Inggris yang memiliki ejaan dan huruf yang sama namun memiliki pengucapan yang berbeda  dan pengertian yang berbeda , Sebagai contoh disini :

Bow (Membungkuk)   
The actors came back on stage and took a bow.
Bow (Busur)   
He learned to hunt with a bow and arrow.

Close (Tutup)
Close your eyes and count to ten.
Close (Dekat)
Please keep close to the path, it’s easy to get lost.

Content (Isi )
Soft drinks have a high sugar content.
Content (Senang)
I was content just to stay at home and read.

 Contract (berkontraksi)
Your muscles will contract if you get cold.
The new export contract is worth £16 million.

Desert (meninggalkan)
He was planning to desert his family and go abroad.
Desert (gurun)
It hasn’t rained in this part of the desert for years.

Lead (menuntun_
Just follow the signs and they will lead you to the exit.
Lead (tembaga)
Gold is heavier than lead.

Minute (Sebentar, Semenit)
Can I speak to you for a minute, Mr

Minute (Kecil)
We’ve got a small house with a minute garden.

Object (objek, benda)
This small stone object is over 5000 years old.
Object (keberatan)
I strongly object to these cuts in public spending.

Project (proyek)
The housing project will create 5000 new homes.
Project (menonjolkan)
He’s trying to project a more confident image.

Refuse (menolak)
I won’t do it – I absolutely refuse!
Refuse (membuang)
Put empty bottles here and other refuse in the bin

I had a blazing row with my girl friend last night.
Row (baris)
I looked quickly along the row of books.

Tear (Air Mata)
She noticed a tear in the corner of his eye.

Tear (Mengoyak)
To open the packet, tear along the dotted line.

Used (bekas)
There used to be a farm here, years ago.
Used (digunakan)
Explosives were used to enter the building

Wind (angin)
Wind speeds reached 102mph last night.
Wind (memasang, melilit)
You have to wind the handle to the left.

Wound (luka)
He wound the rope around his arm.
Wound (tusukan)
In the fight, one young man received a knife wound.

Itu mungkin jadi pertimbangan bagi kita bagi yang senang menerjemahakan kata-kata dalam bahasa Inggris agar lebih careful  karena dalam bahasa Inggris sendiri banyak terdapat Homophone dan Homograph.