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The first Introduction in Learning Indonesian is Greeting. You can saluting someone when you meet in walking , driving or other situation that suitable with this words.

nama saya my name is
nama name
saya! am
Saya berasal dari I am from
dari from
Selandia Baru New Zealand
Inggeris England
Indonesia Indonesia
Selamat pagi Good morning!
Selamat siang Good afternoon!/Good day!
Selamat sore Good afternoon!
Selamat malam Good evening!

  1. Unlike English, there is no multipurpose word like Hello! In Indonesian. Instead the greetings for the specific time of the day are used: Selamat pagi in the morning, selamat siang which would correspond to good day I n older style English, selamat sore which is used between 2 and 6 p.m., and selamat malam which is used throughout the evening and night.
  2. You do not need to use words for am, are, is in Indonesian. So saya can mean both I and I am. Compare the following sentences in English and Indonesian:
 Look at this idioms:

I am Karim. Saya Karim.
I am from Indonesia. Saya dari Indonesia.
To give your name in Indonesian you can use nama saya + your name or you can just use saya ... ,I am ... Saya is far more natural and, consequently, more frequently used, especially in the spoken language, than nama saya. We do the same in English. Consider how much more likely you are to say I am john, for example, than My name is john. The same thing applies to say a dari ... and saya berasal dari ... when you want to say where you are from. The latter form is considered to be more formal and less natural than saya dari ... In
writing, however, it would be better style to use saya berasal dari ...

Conversation in Indonesian
Conversation In Indonesian

Look at this Conversation :
Sari                        : Saya Sari. Saya mahasiswa.
              Saya mahasiswa di Universitas Indonesia. Ini rumah saya.
             Selamat datang! Ini ibu saya. Ini teman saya, Joel.
Joel                                 :Selamat pagi, Bu.
Ibu Sari                         :Apa kabar, Joel?
Joel                                 : Kabar baik, Bn.
Sari                                : Dan itu bapak saya.
Joel                                 : Selamat pagi, Pak.
Ayah Sari                     : Silakan masuk, Joel.
Joel                                 : Terima Kasih Pak
Sari                                :  Bapak saya dosen, dan ibu saya dokter.
 Dan ini kakak saya.
Kakak Sari                  : Nama Saya Agus
Joel                                :  Hai, Agus
Sari                                : Dan ini adik saya.
Adik Sari                      : Nama saya Ratih.
Joel                                 : Hi,Ratih!


These wordlists contain only words that are not discussed in the language note
apa kabar? What’s the news?; how are you?
kabar news
baik good
nama name
berkenalan to get to know each other
selamat datang! welcome!
datang to come
silakan please!
dokter doctor (medical)
teman friend
dosen lecturer
terima kasih thank-you
ibu mother 
universitas university

  1.  As a greeting, we can use selamat with the time of day: pagi for morning, siang for the middle of the day, sore for the late afternoon, and malam for night, thus “good morning” and so forth. It is best to add a term of address for the recipient, as then our greeting sounds less abrupt: Bu for an older lady, or Pak for an older man. Or else add somebody’s name, if you know it.
  2. The family (keluarga) is very important; it is the main part of our social context. We should pay attention to “who’s who”, especially someone’s parents, and note the order of siblings.  there are particular terms for them, kakak for elder sibling (regardless of gender), and adik for younger sibling (again regardless of gender). 
  3. We use the word bapak “father” for our own father, and ayah for someone else’s father. The meaning is the same, but ayah is considered more refined.

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