Learning French : Greeting In French

French is one of Popular language as International language used over than 180.000.000 speakers and spreaded in 14 countries,  as the romance language french was gained as the centre of style , trend and mode . In this first article about french i posted about basic dialogue for French


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Actually, The French native speakers speaking fastly , so before you will learn it more you must improve your study technique , you can learn video or audio about French. There is a lot of French language lessons in Internet , such as :
  • ·         Newspaper ( Le Monde , libération , Le Figaro- generally weekend edition was attracted)
  • ·         Magazine ( Le Nouvel Obeserbateur , Cosmopolitan, Elle , Marie-Claire, Les      Cahiers DU Cinéma, Premiére)
  • ·         Radio and TV5
  • ·         And other ways for learning french.

You will  learn about French caused work , study or just to communicate with French Speaker, You will get this words when you meet French speaker :

Greeting Ilustrator

Bonjour = Good day , Hello 
Salut  !    = Hello

Au Revoir! = Good Bye

And when you already known with someone before , e.g your Neighbor , you can saluting them with complete name , or with Madame, Monsieur or Madamoiselle.
Examples :

Bonjour Monsieur ! = Hi..Mr. 
Bonjour Madame Martin ! = Hi. Mrs. Martin

Salut Peter = Hello Peter
Au Revoir madamoiselle ! = Good Bye Miss ( Only used for Non Married Woman)

Except these , you must know about greeting or salutation for suitable time or moment :
A bientot! À Tout à l’heure = See you soon
Bonjour = hi ( along day)
Bon Apres Midi = Good Afternoon
Bonsoir = Good Afternoon
Bonne Nuit = Good Night

Greeting Ilustrator


Comment ça va ?= How are you

When asking somebody Comment ça va ? it is not intended that the other person should give a full health bulletin in reply. Most of the time people reply ça va or ça va bien merci!  If someone replies Comme ci, comme ça ! It indicates that all is not well, things could be better. But the person is unlikely to disclos more unless they asked further questions.

           FRENCH                                                                                    ENGLISH
madame                               madam                                         madam, Mrs.
monsieur                              mesyo                                            sir, Mr.
mademoiselle                      madmwazèl                                    Miss
l’etudiant (m.)                     létüdya                                            the student (male)
letudiante (f.)                    létüdyat                                            the student (female)
le jour (m.)                         le zhur                                               the day
lecole (f.)                          lékol                                                   the school
la fiche dinscription         la fish d˜eskripsyo                                the registration form
le nom (m.)                        le no                                                   the name

votre nom                          votr no                                                your name

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