Using 'baru' in Indonesian Grammar

Welcome back in learning Indonesian, now I will share about  word “baru” in bahasa Indonesia
In formal word “baru” ini bahasa Indonesian is  “new” , but sometimes it words not give translation in to the single word. Because this word has different using , it depends your condition for speech . like in English, word baru has different using , look at this example :

The word baru occurs within the predicate to indicate that an action has just begun:

Kami baru pulang. We've just come home.

In the sentence above baru is a temporal marker within the predicate .As well as coming before the verb can also precede the subject of the main clause in a sentence which also contains an adverb of time or a subordinate clause indicating time. It then indicates that the action of the main verb does not occur until the time mentioned:

Sore hari baru kami pulang
Not until evening did we go home/We didn't go home until evening.

 Instead of coming before the main clause aru can come before the time indicator:

Baru sore hari kami pulang.
No~t until evening did we go home.

Adverb of time                                                 Main clause
Sore hari                                 baru                kami pulang.


                        Adverb of time                                                main clause
Baru                Sore hari                                                         kami pulang

The word baru can only precede the whole main clause if this follows the part of
the sentence indicating the time. If the main clause comes first baru must come  after the subject, becoming a temporal within the predicate phrase:

Kami baru pulang sore hari
We didn't go home until evening.

Ambiguity may sometimes occur in writing to wheter baru  links with a preceding noun of following verbs. Thus out of context the example to the exercise  setelah keluar dari rumah baru ia mulai merasa sakit – could alternatively mean After coming out of the new house he began to feel sick’ . Some people therefore place a comma : Setelah keluar dari rumah , baru ia mulai merasa sakit .
In speech intonation and the positioning of a pause make the meaning clear.

Look at this

Main clause                             adverb of time

Subject            predicate

Kami               baru pulang   Sore hari