Learning Languages Tips

Polyglot is man who learning or speaking more than 3 languages . Actually, Learning several languages in a time is little difficult . It needs more effort and tricks to achieve the best result. 

first, you can improve your language from language exchange site, now  i recommended 3 optional language exchange sites:

1. Italki


This site based in Shanghai, China with thousands user around the world, this site help you to be learner or teacher for foreign language, you also can write notebook or discussion with your language sought. Then, someone (native speaker)  will correct your spelling or grammar. You also can find language partner through this thing. 

2. The Mixxer

We can give skype id exchange from this site, meet a new friend or partner to speak foreign language . as we know, skype is one of the best software to talk each other , it's free. This site also gain thousands member and help you to improve your language lesson .

learning exchange

3. Busuu

Learning languages with busuu is fun. Busuu can give you additional features with application, flashcards and games . with this language exchange site , you will meet new people or pen pal here.


in fact , there is a lot of language exchange and language improvement sites in internet, so i just give recommendation a bit of  sites. You can search in internet the suitable site for you.

and if you want to improve your Language you also need some computer software like skype, anki or rosetta stone, i will explain this software in other post.

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