Learning New Languages

 Learning New Languages
I'm Abdul Karim, 22 Years Old . I'm student at Information And Communication Technology in Indonesia. I love learning Languages , I would like to share and write languages tips and tutorial. Actually my English Is not good , But i will study more about writing in English.
I take focus to learn several language , and they are :

1. Indonesian Language
2. Malay Language
3. Aceh Language
4. Mandailing Language
5. Minangkabau Language
6. Malay-Deli Language
7. English Language
8. Arabic Language
9. Spanish Language
10. French Language
11. Japan Language
12. Chinese Language
13. Germany Language
14. Portuguese Language
15. Dutch Language
16. Russian language

In fact , it's little impossible to be learn. But, I believe to achieve the polyglot level.
So, I hope your idea to improve this blog more ...