Demonstrative and Question Words in Bahasa Indonesia

Demonstrative words
In previous post  we already talk about Personal Pronoun and Tenses   in Bahasa Indonesia, Now we will continue with Demonstrative and Question words, Like "this" or "that" in English, Indonesian also using these words for Demonstrative words, we mentioned the words ini (this) and itu (that), and showed how they can be used as the subject of a sentence. In that position they could be interpreted as “this thing” and “that thing”.
But there is a different way to use them (and this also applies to English): they can function as qualifying
words. This means that they stand alongside another word (a noun), and tell us something about it:
they point, “this... here”, or “that... there”.
In this function, ini and itu always follow the word they are working with; this is the place that qualifying
words occupy in Indonesian (in contrast to English, where they come in front). For example: 

Orang ini...                   this person
Mobil itu...                   that car

This is of course not a complete sentence, merely the beginning of one; to finish the sentence, we
would have to say something about it. We could add one of our simple verbs, e.g.

Orang ini tidur.                       This person is asleep.
Mobil itu keluar.                      That car is going out.

Asking questions
A simple way to make a question is to use a rising intonation at the end of the sentence, without any other
change, providing the sense is clear, e.g. Suka makan nasi? Do you like eating rice?

Further, in order to turn a statement into a question, we use the word apakah, which is placed at the
head of the sentence (nowhere else). We do not use inversion (reversing the order of subject and verb), or
an auxiliary verb “do”, as in English. For example:

Apakah orang itu tidur?                      Is that person asleep?
Apakah mobil itu keluar?                      Is that car going out?

(There is only one exception to what was said above: we seer
find inversion in the question Boleh saya... May I...?)

As well as using question sentences, we also have a range of interrogative words, such as How?
When? Who? and so on. These will be introduced in following lessons, but here we can make a start with
apa? “What (thing)?” Using this, we can produce very useful questions, such as:

Ini apa?                                               What is this?
Itu apa?                                               What is that?
Bahasa Inggrisnya apa?                        What is the English for it?

This is the normal word-order; note that it is the opposite of English. Indonesian prefers to place the question-word last, although this can sometimes be varied. As a general principle, the word that comes first in the sentence gets most prominence. In Ini apa? we are focusing on ini “this”, and want to know what it is (apa?). If apa comes first, there is extra stress on the questioning force of the sentence: Apa itu? What on earth is that?

Look at this conversation , to know more aout using Demonstrative words and Asking Question In Bahasa Indonesia :

Siti                         Apakah Hamdan mau jalan-jalan ke Mangga Mall?
Hamdan                   Ya, mau. Saya suka jalan-jalan dl toko macam itu.
Siti                          Baiklah, mari kita pergi sekarang.
Hamdan                Boleh tanya, ya, Siti. Orang itu sedang apa?
Siti                         Orang itu minta uang. Namanya “pengemis”.
Hamdan                Ini toko apa?
Siti                         Itu toko sepeda motor / sepatu / bunga...
Hamdan                 Bau apa itu?
Siti                         Itu bau kacang goreng. Hamdan suka kacang goreng?
Hamdan                  Suka! Siti suka?
Siti                         Mari kita terus saja, ya.
Hamdan                Apakah ada minuman di kafe ini?
Siti                         Saya kira ada. Mau minum apa?
Hamdan                Itu apa?
Siti                         Itu 6s jeruk. Coba, ya!
Hamdan                               Terima kasih, Siti. Siti mau apa?
Siti                         Saya sama saja.
Hamdan                Nah, apakah ada uang kecil...?

baiklah okay! good!                    minuman drink
bau smell                                   nah well, ...
boleh may (allowed)                   pengemis beggar
bunga flower                              sama same
coba to try                                 sepatu shoe(s)
jalan-jalan to go out, on a trip      sepeda motor motorcycle
kacang peanuts                          suka to like
kafe cafe                                   terus straight on
kira to think, guess                     toko shop, store
macam sort, kind                        uang money
mari come! (inviting)                  uang kecil small change
minta to ask for y* yes; right

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